“The Future of Health
is Longevity Medicine”


“The Future of Health
is Longevity Medicine.”


Sheryl Leventhal, MD

Watch Dr. Leventhal discuss the benefits of Longevity Medicine

We offer three Longevity Paths…

to help our patients plant seeds for a more invigorating later life and longer “healthspan.”

Applied Genomics
for Longevity

Genomics for Longevity iconApplied Genomics for Longevity is an individualized process for those over 45 years of age, in relatively good health who are ready to turn their attention to a vital, healthy future.

We use the most advanced, genetic AI analysis in tandem with expansive medical lab work-ups and an overall assessment that enables us to define a personalized health map. Along with medically supervised consulting, we help you proactively realize your most healthful future self by planting the seeds for a longer “healthspan” leading to a more invigorating later life by minimizing the need for medical interventions and maximizing energy and productivity for as long as possible.

for Longevity

fitness for longevity iconFitness for Longevity is for those 18-75 years of age who want a personalized fitness plan that plants the seeds for a long and healthy future.

We measure muscle mass, grip strength, muscle volume, and cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max) as well as conduct a breath test to measure your baseline energy needs. Then we analyze your results for the purpose of planning for high-functioning in your later years.   

We develop a personalized fitness map for your future health based on these complex sets of physiological markers.

Immune Rejuvenation
for Longevity

Functional Medicine iconImmune Rejuvenation for Longevity is for healthy adults looking to optimize healthy aging as well as those 20-80 ​challenged with inflammation, autoimmunity, or frequent illness (getting sick more than twice per year).

We start by determining your biological age with the GlycanAge test, a patented science-backed test that quantitates your biological immune age. Your immune age can be different than your age in years. We also look at factors such as sleep, macro and micronutrients, gut health, visceral (intra-abdominal) fat, and environmental stressors, and work together to customize an immunity rejuvenation plan for your future health.

Which Longevity Path Is Right For Me?

The right path for you depends on your age, health, and health goals. Here are a comparison chart and some patient profiles that could help you determine which path is best for you right now.

“Dr. Leventhal is knowledgeable, personable, cutting-edge, and insightful. I like her, I respect her, and I trust her completely.”

—Carl F.

“This was an eye-opening and detailed look at my aging risks that very much motivated me to change many things.”

—Myra L.

“It was very instructive knowing my actual calorie requirements and enabled me to develop an eating plan with confidence, knowing it was not generic but personal to me.”

—Sarah H.

“Dr. Leventhal offers the rare combination
of science, smarts, and strategy.”

—Natalie K.

“She actively listens to my concerns, has continuously shown deep compassion, and is extremely knowledgeable.”

—Jamie L.

“Unlike many in the medical field, she listens, finds solutions that are outside of the box, provides a vast array of services, and has a network of colleagues to refer to when necessary.”

—Melanie S.

Dr. Sheryl Leventhal

Dr Leventhal started her career as a board certified hematologist and oncologist, with 13 years experience in practice, teaching, and participating in clinical research. She then discovered Functional Medicine and was impassioned by its scientifically-grounded systems-based approach.

Now that complex genomic testing has become available and affordable, she brings her 14 years of Functional Medicine experience and mastery together to help patients steer their health proactively instead of reactively, and has designed Longevity Medical Consulting.

Why Longevity Medical Consulting?

There’s no doubt – modern medicine is truly miraculous especially when it comes to diagnosing and treating what’s wrong now. And preventative medicine, while offering important guidance and early diagnosis, still relies on workups from blood, basic chemistries, and other tests that focus on what’s happening in your body right now.

But what if we could actually peer specifically into your medical future, years or even decades from now so we could mitigate or even head off likely afflictions that await you? Longevity medicine is the future of your health. Your future is now – why wait any longer?


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