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About Hudson Valley Longevity Medicine

Hudson Valley Longevity Medicine (formerly Hudson Valley Functional Medicine), founded by Sheryl Leventhal, MD, originally offered functional medicine and natural healing, incorporating the newest science in diet and lifestyle prescription. In January 2021 we introduced our new Longevity Medical Genomics Service, which synthesizes lifestyle, goals, genomics, and labs into a long-term plan for wellness. We are now re-launching as a Longevity Medicine practice offering three stand-alone tracks in different areas- genomics, fitness, and immunity. Our current functional medicine patients will be able to continue their ongoing care. Our doors opened in 2007 and since then have seen over 2000 patients, solving problems ranging from headaches to digestive disorders, to neurological issues, chronic fatigue, and also improving the common symptoms of menopause, osteoarthritis, weight gain, and many other chronic and significant challenges to optimal function. We believe in personal and thorough evaluation and treatment, and in finding the right tools for each patient.

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