The Glymphatic System: New Discoveries On Sleep And The Aging Of The Brain
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The Glymphatic System: New Discoveries On Sleep And The Aging Of The Brain

Our Brain’s Newly Discovered Lymphatic System Somehow, despite thousands of neurosurgeries and thousands of brain images, we missed it: there is a system of drainage vessels buried under the dura mater, the leather-like outer layer that surrounds…
Uric Acid Crystals

URIC ACID: Much Bigger Than A Big Toe Problem!

A Malady Of Kings  Uric acid is probably most famous for causing gout, an extremely painful, acute arthritis typically in the big toe but occasionally in other joints. However, new research over the last 10 years has exposed this circulating…
Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Ode to Dark Chocolate: The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Aging Skin

Dark Chocolate's Health Benefits Include Skin Health No website or blog on longevity medicine would be complete without a piece on aging skin, which includes UV-induced photodamage, loss of dermal matrix, and wrinkles. Of course, hormones,…
Zone 2 Training - Walking

What Is Zone 2 Training And Why Is It Important?

What if I offered you a pill that took your cellular age back ten to fifteen years? This pill also increases mitochondrial numbers (kind of like the number of battery chargers in our cells), increases overall available energy, improves metabolic…
Your Immune System Reboot
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Your Immune System Reboot: Diet & Lifestyle

When the coronavirus SARS-co-v2, a devastating communicable disease, descended upon the global population in December 2019, it became clear early on that there was a wide spectrum of illness, ranging from almost nothing to diarrhea, severe pneumonia,…
Walking your way to optimal health

Polypill vs. Treadmill: Walking Your Way to Optimal Health

My grandfather used to say “Exercise? I get plenty of exercise – pushing myself back from the dinner table every night!” Of course, he walked almost daily on the Coney Island boardwalk in the middle of the winter and lived well into his…
Why we age & why genomics

Why We Age and Why Genomics?

In his masterful book “Lifespan: Why We Age- And Why We Don’t Have To” David Sinclair asks, “What if, in our 60’s, we weren’t fretting about leaving a legacy but beginning one? What if we didn’t have to worry that the clock was…
Longevity Medicine and Exercise

Barbells: Do We Need Them?

It’s not enough to walk the dog. That is to say, there are several components to a well-executed exercise plan or prescription. For most of us, walking at 2-3 mph would best be categorized as an “activity of daily living” rather than exercise.One…
Merlot Meets TMAO - Longevity Medicine

Merlot Meets TMAO!

This is a story that starts with some negative publicity for meat, fish, and eggs, but has a better ending, although much controversy remains and science is still working out pathways. Fortunately for us, all sides agree that wine and high-quality…
Ora Ring

OURA Ring For Sleep Monitoring

Matthew Walker, PhD, is one of the leading sleep scientists in the world and currently a professor at UC Berkeley. He is the author of the book “Why We Sleep” published in 2017, and has written hundreds of papers, spoken at many professional…