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What is Fitness for Longevity?

With Fitness for Longevity, we are utilizing several tests in our initial assessment, along with dietary history, labs, and a review of goals. We measure muscle mass, grip strength, muscle volume, and cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max) or Zone 2 training. Then we review your results through the lens of planning for high-functioning in your later years. You will also receive a breath test that shows us your metabolic rate so you can understand your body’s energy needs. We design a diet and exercise program (and sometimes recommend supplements) to achieve a younger physiological age.

Who is Fitness for Longevity for?

Anyone aged 18-mid 70’s can be assessed for Fitness for Longevity. For many of us fitness is about how we look; becoming muscular and lean, or about fat loss, or conditioning. Another motivation might be concern about how we move about in our daily life, becoming more proficient in a sport, or achieving a high level of athletic prowess. But the last reason, perhaps not the first to come to mind, is about longevity, and what our later decades will look like.

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How does it work?

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    Fitness Tests

    We initiate testing with a VO2 max test (cardiorespiratory fitness) and RMR (metabolic rate test through a breathing test). We also do an Inbody 570 test which measures body composition and visceral fat. We also measure grip strength, do a urinalysis, measure your nitric oxide level, and do a balance test.

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    You fill out an intake form, which collects family history, medical history, diet, supplements, medications, lifestyle, and goals.

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    Review and analysis of all tests and intake.

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    Consult no. 1

    You and Dr. Leventhal will have a 2-hour consultation to go over the assessment and recommendations and assist you in creating an action plan.

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    Consult no. 2

    In consult no. 2 Dr. Leventhal will review your implementation of the exercise program and dietary program. We will continue with teaching flexible dieting through tracking macronutrients.

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    At the completion you will receive a Fitness for Longevity Report that includes a Longevity Medicine introduction, your Fitness for Longevity assessment, a Fitness and Dietary Plan that we’ve worked on together, that will detail recommendations, as well as a resource list.

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    After you’ve had a chance to review the report, Dr. Leventhal will do a brief check-in with you over Zoom or phone to answer any questions you may have.

“Improvements in CRF [Cardiorespiratory Fitness] are associated with reduced mortality risk.”

—Robert Ross and the American Heart Association

“Improvements in CRF [Cardiorespiratory Fitness] are associated with reduced mortality risk.”

—Robert Ross and the American Heart Association

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Aging and Fitness

Are you exercising correctly for your specific body and age? As we age we tend to lose cardiorespiratory fitness (measured by a parameter called “VO2 max”) and we all tend to lose muscle mass and strength. Significant loss of muscle mass is termed sarcopenia, and the medical definition of frailty is when we reach about 70% of an average young adult muscle (adjusted for our sex and height). There is also a condition called “sarcopenic obesity”, where the muscle loss is not as visually apparent due to the increased body fat, which can reside both inside the trunk and/or under the skin fat. Fitness for Longevity looks at muscle mass, grip strength, muscle volume, and cardiorespiratory fitness to assess a fitness plan specific to you.

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Are there additional costs?

We don’t anticipate additional costs in the Fitness for Longevity service. You might have supplement suggestions, or other providers might be utilized, and this would be at your discretion. We have some optional packages including a sauna package, macro coaching for 12 weeks, stability assessment, or fascial assessment which will be offered as add-ons and paid to those providers directly. Also, many patients choose to purchase a wrist heart rate monitor.

What if I need more assistance?

You are always welcome to schedule a follow-up with Dr. Leventhal if needed, at the follow-up visit rate of $225 per hour. However brief questions, clarifications, or direction via email will be part of the consultation fee.

What Fitness for Longevity is Not?

We are not providing any on-site cardio or strength training, but rather an exercise prescription that will be very specific to you. We are not assessing any orthopedic limitations or working up any structural issues, however, we will be happy to refer you to the appropriate specialist.

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