Frequently Asked Questions

Functional Medicine

Please note: Dr. Leventhal is NOT accepting appointment requests for new Functional Medicine patients.

If you’re not a current patient of Dr. Leventhal and are interested in Functional Medicine services, we can recommend two things:

1. Contact Dr. Mat Silverman at Dr. Silverman is accepting new Functional Medicine patients at our location.

2. Search the Institute for Functional Medicine for a certified provider.

A functional medicine doctor will engage in a true partnership with a patient to discover their unique imbalances, and guide the patient to devising a plan for healing. Functional medicine is a systems-based, root cause analysis of clinical problems that take into account the whole person, their genes, environment, diet, movement, sleep, and more.

Longevity Medicine is a younger field that seeks to peer into your future health challenges and proactively change diet, lifestyle, sleep, supplements or other factors, to deter or delay illness.

Partially for private insurance…

Our practice is out of network for all private insurance and we are opted out of medicare. This means medicare patients can not submit for reimbursement. For private insurance holders, if we need blood work that can be done at a commercial lab, most of that will usually be covered. Our other lab tests vary, but the average patient will need to spend some out of pocket on testing. In most cases this will be anything from nothing to a few hundred dollars. Invoices for visits can be submitted by the patient for reimbursement to private insurance companies. However we do not provide letters of medical necessity or allow chart reviews by insurance companies.