Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity

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What is Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity?

Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity lays out an overall health plan that will rejuvenate your immunity. We start by determining your biological age with the GlycanAge test, a patented science-backed test that quantitates your biological immune age. Your immune age can be different than your age in years. We also look at factors such as sleep, macro and micronutrients, gut health, visceral (intra-abdominal) fat, and environmental stressors, and work together to customize a plan to re-boot your immune system.

Who is Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity for?

Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity is for adults between 20-80 years of age, either healthy or patients who have had challenges with inflammation, frequent illness, or even autoimmunity. It can also be considered part of a “Longevity check-up” for a healthy adult looking to optimize their overall health and aging process.

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How does it work?

  • 1

    GlycanAge Test

    Once registered for this service you will receive a kit for the Glycanage test which is a fingerstick blood test that can be performed at home. If you are uncomfortable doing a fingerstick we can do this test at the office.

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    Ordered through Labcorp (or Quest), we will run some routine labs that are key to a well-functioning immune system.

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    We will review your intake form, which collects family history, medical history, sleep history, exercise habits, supplements, medications, lifestyle, and goals.

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    Consult no. 1

    Once the GlycanAge test is back, you and Dr. Leventhal will have a two-hour consultation where you will learn the foundational concepts of how to maintain a healthy and younger immune system. We will go over your lifestyle in detail and make suggestions for change. Supplements are likely to be suggested as part of this module.

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    Consult no. 2

    Part 2 consult will take place 6-8 weeks later approximately. Some patients will opt in for a repeat Glycanage test at 6-8 months, after which we will have a brief follow-up meeting (remote or in person) to review progress.

  • 6


    You will receive a report which will review a general outline of immune system aging (senescence), as well as your specific changes to lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements (if needed). Your original report from GlycanAge will be attached to this.

“We can reprogram our immune cells to a healthier more youthful state using lifestyle and dietary intervention.”

—Jeff Bland, PhD

“We can reprogram our immune cells to a healthier more youthful state using lifestyle and dietary intervention.”

—Jeff Bland, PhD

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What does immunity have to do with aging?

All of the major diseases of aging involve some degree of inflammation, and we all live through a process that is sometimes termed “inflammaging”. This is because as we age our immune system begins to over-respond to threats and damage, and can become less capable in other ways, with a less vigorous response to infections and vaccines. Aging, along with environmental stressors, impairs our ability to clear damaged (senescent) cells, and increases in our susceptibility to autoimmunity (about 10% of us) and cancer.

What’s the relationship of immunity to longevity science?

We understand some of the inputs that can de-age the immune system. We are not talking about immune “boosting” (for example taking vitamin C when you have a cold) but real immune reset to a younger time. In order to implement real rejuvenation, we need to benchmark where we are in the process and we use the GlycanAge test to do that. The GlycanAge test works by analyzing the profile of several types of carbohydrates normally attached to the most abundant antibody in our blood: Immunoglobulin G (IgG). One’s GlycanAge has a proven association with a number of chronic diseases as well as disease risk factors such as body mass index, C-reactive protein, lung volume (called FEV1), and systolic blood pressure.

Are there additional costs?

We don’t anticipate any additional costs for the evaluation. Some patients may go on to need a sleep study, or to purchase an OURA ring to monitor sleep, which would be an additional cost. Also, some patients may choose to purchase a wrist heart rate monitor to fine-tune their exercise program. Additional packages may be offered with other providers such as a sauna package with The Wholeness Center. Patients could also choose to get hands-on instruction in a guided meditation from a certified practitioner, and that would be additional time and cost to the patient.

What if I need more assistance?

You are always welcome to make a follow-up appointment with Dr. Leventhal at our regular follow-up rates of $225 per hour. Quick clarifications or questions via email will always be answered as part of the consultation service.

What Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity is not

Immune rejuvenation is not about “boosting” the immune system. That’s because, if the immune system is somewhat dysfunctional, ramping it up will not be helpful. Instead, utilizing all the levers that are known to influence immune age, we implement a plan that helps to rebuild immunity from the ground up.

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