Jackie de Vries, MS, LMT, AIBT

Neurotherapy Practitioner

It’s not just our bodies but more importantly, our brain that needs to age gracefully and functionally with us. Cognitive and processing problems, trauma- physical or emotional, memory issues, anxiety, sleep issues, all impair the quality of our lives as we age.

Jackie de Vries, MS, is a neurotherapist and wellness coach. She has been AIBT certified since 2007, and is a member of the Peak Performance Collective, which focuses on brain optimization for ADD/ADHD. She has completed training in Neuromeditation (5 forms of meditation guided by EEG neurofeedback) through the NeuroMeditation Institute.

Before shifting into neurotherapy, Jackie obtained a Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University and worked in computer research. Jackie went on to graduate from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a 4 year college equivalent program teaching spiritual and energy healing in 1999.

In her practice she utilizes Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG, or brain mapping) to provide focused and research based protocols for optimizing brain function. Her repertoire of neurofeedback modalities includes InfraSlow Fluctuation (ISF), S-Loreta, Z-Score, Alpha-Theta, SMR, and LENS-HPN-microcurrent Neurofeedback.

Jackie continues to leverage her research nature by investigating and evaluating promising healing modalities and wellness protocols. Her goal in clinical practice is to help each client find their path to wellness.

Jackie can be reached at 201-253-0345 or by visiting her website at https://www.crossroadscenterofnj.com.