Karen Wellington

Karen Wellington Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition L1 certified
M2 Performance Nutrition Certified

Flexible dieting with macronutrient management is the most sustainable and healthy way to control weight as we age, maximize muscle development, and remain lean.

Every coach has a different philosophy…mine is all about balance, keeping everything in moderation, and always prioritizing optimal health and longevity. I have clients from all walks of life, all with different goals. I help everyone achieve them. Whether you are someone who wants to lose weight, learn about better nutrition, gain muscle, or an athlete that needs to zero in on performance, I’ve got you covered! Equally important, I have helped improve the health markers and overall wellness of so many of my clients.

I specialize in Flexible Dieting and tracking macronutrients. This way of eating gives you food freedom, you’ll learn how to eat all the foods you love, within boundaries. This is not a quick-fix fad diet, but rather a sustainable lifestyle, one that I personally love and have lived for many years, maintaining my ideal weight, body fat, and muscle ratio. Working with me will give you all the tools you need to become independent and comfortable eating anywhere. I’ll take the guesswork out for you, give you the structure to build better daily nutrition habits, and design a calorie/macronutrient plan that teaches you exactly how much fuel (food) you need to eat based on activity and personal goals. Flexible dieting keeps you satiated, helps you lose weight, and most importantly, keeps the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

My favorite coaching moments come from seeing clients shift away from yo-yo dieting, restricting, and “fearing” food, to having a better relationship with and enjoying the foods they love, eating adequate amounts, and feeling so much better in their own skin, in their clothes, with sleep, in and out of the gym… in every facet of life. This is truly nutrition for your mind, body, and goals. I look forward to taking this journey with you and helping you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Karen can be reached on her cell at 201-370-2280 or by email at karen@thewellingtons.net.