Matt Spencer

Structural Integration Practitioner

All adults have experienced bumps, bruises, uneven wear, perhaps surgeries, and even traumas to our musculoskeletal system. Structural Integration (rolfing) is a deeper fascial method to reorganize our tissue (and therefore our bones) back to their most optimal balanced and functional state.

Matthew Spencer heals bodies and souls using deep anatomical insight and finely targeted treatments. He completed a full premedical curriculum at SUNY Purchase (BA Biology), graduated from the Rolf Institute (Certified Advanced Rolfer), and is now in his 40th year of full-time practice.

The 10 session series of Dr. Ida Rolf, known as Structural Integration, works using myofascial manipulation to bring the body back to a place closer to its original form, erasing the patterns that we developed from trauma or imbalance. In the Ten Series, your body and fascia change slowly as the old patterns diminish.

Matt has finely tuned skills in diagnosing and explaining the causes and effects of bodily trauma and excels at engaging and collaborating with patients in a customized process for rearranging and reintegrating their structures. His success stories range from skull and neck injury to abdominal trauma and extremity (arms/legs) dysfunction or pain. In the past, he has worked with elite athletes and dancers (including a stint with the NY Mets), medical and health professionals, business executives, and scores of people striving to release blockages, reduce pain and suffering, and regain functionality.

Matt is available to book directly by calling 914-602-6982.