Sue Kravitz, MS, PT

Physical Therapist

As adults with decades of various physical activities, as well as (often) decades of sitting, we have various areas of our body that are not functioning well, joints that have suffered uneven wear and tear, and abdominal restrictions or malpositioning of organs. A hands-on, professional PT evaluation and myofascial treatment can restore us to our optimal level of function.

Susan Kravitz is a gifted Physical Therapist who has studied and integrated traditional physical therapy, myofascial release techniques, visceral mobilization, lymphatic drainage, and craniosacral therapy to create personal hands-on sessions for her patients. Her education includes a BS/Certificate in Physical Therapy, Masters in Pathokinesiology, Specialization in Lymphedema Therapy (Lymphatic Drainage), and holds a Certification in Cancer Rehabilitation. She has also authored a chapter on Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen and wound healing and has taught courses to physical therapists in combining myofascial release techniques with craniosacral therapy. With over 40 years of experience, Susan has extensive experience in treating, but not limited to, the following areas: orthopedic, lymphatic, abdominal and digestive, neurological and cancer recovery.

Susan Kravitz can be reached by calling 845-222-9391.