Longevity Medical Consultation

What is Longevity Medical Consulting?

Longevity Medical Consulting lays out a health map that plants seeds for a more invigorating later life or longer “healthspan.” With genomic technology at our fingertips and a solid medical understanding of your body’s terrain, our Genomics for Longevity path customizes a health plan to optimize and accommodate your personal physiological and genomic strengths and weaknesses. Our Fitness for Longevity and Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity paths address other key components to healthy aging.

Is Longevity Medical Consulting for me?

Longevity Medical Consulting is for those who feel generally well, but still want to turn their attention to their health journey over the next 20 years, and want to avoid a slow, painful decline. The ideal patient is interested in identifying and proactively mitigating over time health challenges that could emerge down the line. They are willing to make changes and make their health a priority. The goal for every patient is to minimize the need for medical interventions and maximize their energy and productivity for as long as possible.

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