Why Longevity Medicine?

Aging is the most likely risk factor for many diseases that afflict us in our later years. Medical science has had some impressive breakthroughs in treating metastatic cancer, advanced heart disease, osteoporosis, and other devastating problems… but not until once they have occurred. Treatment after the fact tends to be more high-tech and “high touch”, thus more expensive, more invasive, and burdened with significant side effects.

At Hudson Valley Longevity Medicine we feel it is more achievable and more effective to prioritize staying healthy, physically strong, and mentally sharp, relying upon an absolute minimum of medical care and intervention as we age.

Longevity science is the “new frontier” of medicine.

In his masterful book “Lifespan: Why We Age―And Why We Don’t Have To” Harvard Professor David Sinclair, one of the most prolific researchers in longevity science, asks, “What if, in our 60’s, we weren’t fretting about leaving a legacy but beginning one? What if we didn’t have to worry that the clock was ticking?” This encapsulates the idea that if we can delay physiological aging at the cellular and organ level, we can decrease or defer many of the afflictions associated with old age, such as heart disease, cancer, and dementia. Our later decades can be exciting, productive, and fulfilling.

Longevity Medicine harkens a new era of understanding aging

Our Longevity Medicine services help patients understand how certain lifestyle behaviors, patterns of thinking, patterns of movement, and sleep quality can affect how quickly or slowly we age. The focus of this new field is to determine the best path that allows us to stay as intact and functional for as long as we can. It is not to aspire to immortality or to deny death but rather to maximize health and quality of life as we grow older.

Why Applied Genomics for Longevity?

In the Applied Genomics for Longevity service, we evaluate your genomic “script” using powerful computing systems that utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) to cull through the genetic code (in your DNA) looking for patterns that associate with various health challenges or metabolic challenges that you might face as you grow older. Although we are looking forward and predicting which pathways need attention, genomic analysis is not a diagnostic tool but rather it is a decision support tool. By analyzing hundreds of genes and their pathways, we can survey likely health challenges and design and decide on a path forward, modifying lifestyle, diet, and supplements to fit your needs.

Why Fitness for Longevity?

The Fitness for Longevity consultation focuses on your muscle mass, fitness, and metabolism, and helps you program your exercise and diet based on your personal metrics and the latest knowledge about types and time recommended for different forms of exercise. Exercise (along with sleep!) is our most powerful tool to rejuvenate our bodies. Knowing exactly what you need to fuel these activities and optimize leanness and metabolic health is a major benefit of this service. We also offer some optional add-ons including a discounted sauna package at a nearby med spa, a mobility and muscle imbalance assessment, and an assessment of fascial restrictions (Structural Integration specialist).

Why Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity?

The Immune Rejuvenation for Longevity will assess the biological age of your immune system and walk you through an immune reset, addressing particular nutrients, microbiome, dietary quality, sleep quality, and most importantly, stress management. We will outline a specific lifestyle plan focused on altering “inflammaging”, the tendency of our immune system to become less effective against important targets, more likely to create or incompletely clean up inflammation, and control senescent cell population in the immune cells. We recommend strongly for this service that patients have a recheck of their immune age at the 6-8 month point. Optional add-ons include coaching in mindfulness, acupuncture, referral for a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) / informed neurofeedback, or biomat infrared therapy.

The person who undertakes this deep dive into their physiology should be motivated, willing to change and understand the importance of longevity thinking. Personalized Longevity Medical Consulting is about you taking control of your future health, and optimizing your life’s journey, living to your fullest potential.