This was an eye-opening and detailed look at my aging risks that very much motivated me to change many things.

—Myra L.

“I came to Hudson Valley Functional medicine with years of pain, undiagnosed symptoms, frustrations with traditional medicine and desperate for answers. I got that and so much more!

Dr. Leventhal took the time to actively listen to my concerns, has continuously shown deep compassion and is extremely knowledgeable in functional medicine.

I went from living with debilitating symptoms to now living a vibrant life!

With the help of Dr. Leventhal and a choice to make lifestyle changes, I can with confidence say that I am fully healed today. Thank you, Dr. Leventhal!”

—Jamie L.

“It was very instructive knowing my actual calorie requirements and enabled me to develop an eating plan with confidence, knowing it was not generic but personal to me.

— Sarah H.

“‘Dr. Leventhal is knowledgeable, personable, cutting-edge, and insightful. I like her, I respect her, and I trust her completely.”

—Charles F.

“In the fifteen years I have known Dr. Leventhal, I have found her vast knowledge combined with a calm demeanor and a willingness to listen and educate to be unusual and so highly valued.

Unlike many in the medical field, she listens, finds solutions that are outside of the box, provides a vast array of services and has a network of colleagues to refer to when necessary.

I trust and respect her.”

—Melanie S.

“I have been working with Dr. Leventhal for a decade, and rate her as an outstanding medical practitioner. From our first meeting her vast knowledge and cutting edge thinking, her compassion, and her ability to listen were apparent. She is always responsive to questions and treats me as a partner in my health care. I attribute much of my current good health to her guidance regarding lifestyle, exercise, and supplementation, and appreciate that she stresses the critical role that a good diet plays in optimal health.

I’d also add that her office is superbly well run and I’ve never had to wait longer than 10 minutes when arriving for an appointment. I could not recommend Dr. Leventhal more highly.”

—Martha P.

“Dr. Leventhal offers the rare combination of science, smarts, and strategy.

Dr. Leventhal delivers results that come from asking the right questions, measuring the right data, and focusing on actionable solutions for successful endpoints.

Hudson Valley Medical Practice is the right path for those who want meaningful strategies for health and wellness outcomes.”

—Natalie K.