Fitness for Longevity - heart monitor watch
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Revisiting Zone 2 Training: Why Is Zone 2 Good For Longevity?

The Benefits of Zone 2 Training Over High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) One of our recent exercise blogs focused on cardiorespiratory fitness and the concept of VO2 max and introduced the practice of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).…
Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Sleep Apnea And Longevity: When Does Snoring Indicate a Health Problem?

How Does Sleep Apnea Affect Longevity? This week we have a guest blog from a trusted and experienced colleague in the sleep field, David Rosen, MD. If you are following longevity medicine and our practice at all, you have seen and heard much…
Collagen powder supplements
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What Is Collagen And How Does It Support Longevity?

Collagen & Longevity In the world of nutritional therapeutics, collagen has recently become a very popular supplement, garnering widespread attention for its potential to support health and vitality. In this comprehensive blog, we will…
Woman checking her HRV - Heart Rate Variability
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Heart Rate Variability (HRV): A Pulse on Your Health

Understanding Heart Rate Variability: What is HRV? While heart rate measures the number of heartbeats per minute, heart rate variability, or HRV, measures the fluctuation in time between each heartbeat (in milliseconds). The amount of time…
Resilience & Longevity

Resilience and Longevity: Focus on Building Resilience Over Managing Stress

Stress and Longevity: Creating More Resilience Recent longevity research suggests that adults with psychological resilience age more slowly, live longer, and enjoy better health. In this blog we’re going to take a look at stress and how it…
Oxalate toxicity - Oxalate Crystals by Kempf EK
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Oxalate Toxicity: Easy Prevention For An Often Overlooked Condition

Common Symptoms And Oxalate Crystal Accumulation The chemical structure of oxalic acid above, may not be familiar to you, but these symptoms might be: burning with urination without an actual bladder infection, muscle aches, borderline thyroid…
Longevity & cold exposure therapy - cold swim
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Longevity and Cold Exposure Therapy: Support Optimal Health and Build Resilience

Cold Exposure Therapy And Longevity We live in a time with countless health tools available at our fingertips, and we all have our unique “wellness kits'' made up of various practices and resources that we use to support our health and longevity.…
Sleep and Longevity - Sleep Hygiene

Sleep and Longevity: Learn The Key Elements of Healthy Sleep Hygiene

Sleep Hygiene Is The Foundational Factor for Longevity Sleep occupies one-third of our life and has a profound impact on our physical and emotional health, and, as it turns out…longevity. Quality sleep (both deep and dream or “REM” sleep)…
Building Habits for Longevity

In Pursuit of Longevity Lifestyle: How Our Habits Make All The Difference

What Influences Longevity? Healthy Habits Whether or not we are aware of them, our daily habits have a profound impact on our health and longevity. The five main longevity tactics at our disposal - exercise, sleep, nutrition, medications/supplements,…
VO2 Max for Longevity Fitness
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What Is VO2 Max? Why Is VO2 Max Important For Longevity?

How VO2 Max Supports Fitness For Longevity Visit a primary care practitioner for an annual physical exam and you will have an assessment of basic health information like height, weight, and vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure,…
Flexible Dieting - Lifelong Habits for Optimal Wellness
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Flexible Dieting: Building Lifelong Habits To Promote Optimal Wellness

The Epidemic Of Chronic Weight Gain And Rising Obesity There are many reasons why we in the US and other western nations, and now also underdeveloped countries, have experienced a rising tide of obesity. We do eat more calories than in the…
What is healthy protein intake?

Plentiful Protein: How Much Protein Do We Really Need?

The Recommended Daily Allowance Is Less Than Optimal The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight and is the absolute minimum amount needed to not become ill from protein malnutrition (known as…